UK Zoonoses, Animal Diseases and Infections (UKZADI) Group

The UK Zoonoses, Animal Diseases and Infections (UKZADI) Group is an independent committee made up of experts from across the agricultural and public health departments.

The Group was formed by the amalgamation of the UK Zoonoses Group (UKZG) and the Surveillance Group on Diseases and Infections in Animals (SGDIA). The formation of the Group was agreed by the Defra Minister Jane Kennedy in late  2008. It was agreed that meetings would be chaired in rotation by the UK Chief Medical Officers (CMO) and Chief Veterinary Officers (CVO) in the Devolved Administrations.

The Group advises as appropriate the CMO and CVO, Department of Health (DH) in England, Welsh Assembly Government (WAG), Scottish Government (SG), Department for Agricultural and Rural Development Northern Ireland (DARDNI) and Food Standards Agency (FSA) on important trends and observations which impact on animal and public health including where necessary preventative and remedial action.

The Group’s role is also to provide a strategic overview and means of ensuring overall co-ordination of public health action at the UK, national and local level with regard to existing and emerging zoonotic infections and trends in antimicrobial resistance and animal-related chemical risks to the food chain.

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Page published: November 17 2009