Trade Union Sustainable Development Advisory Committee


The Trade Union Sustainable Development Advisory Committee, TUSDAC, was set up in 1998 as the main forum for consultation between Government and Trade Unions on sustainable development and environmental issues.

TUSDAC is co-chaired by Hilary Benn, Minister for Climate Change & Environment, and Paul Noon, General Secretary of Prospect. Secretariat is provided by Defra.

The membership is composed of the General Secretaries of the major TUC-affiliated unions in the UK. For some meetings, Committee members are represented by a substitute with more specialist knowledge.

Meetings and work

TUSDAC meets up to three times a year. Meetings focus on the TUSDAC input into the Government policy process on sustainable development and developing practical measures that unions can adopt to address the sustainable development issues raised. A Working Group then looks more closely at the areas discussed. TUSDAC's aims are:

  • To direct trade union input into the policy process to enable constructive dialogue with Government on sustainable development and other related environmental issues.
  • To provide a trade union perspective on actions to tackle climate change.
  • To help mobilise the trade union movement to become involved in the move towards better environmental practice in the workplace, building on existing initiatives and activities, disseminating information and experience.


For more information about TUSDAC or its work, please contact us as follows:

At Defra:
TUSDAC Secretariat
5C Ergon House
c/o Nobel House
17 Smith Square
Tel: 020 7238 1524
  Philip Pearson
Policy Officer
Congress House
Great Russell Street
Tel: 020 7467 1206

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