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International trade - Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES)

Welcome to the TRACES web pages. TRACES is a web-based service for the application for, and issuing of, Intra Trade Animal Health Certificates (ITAHCs) and Common Veterinary Entry Documents (CVEDs) for intra-Community trade in live animals, their products and germplasm. TRACES is the system used for notifying Member States of movements of live animals, germplasm and certain other commodities into or through their territories.

TRACES helps competent authorities in each Member State to meet the needs of their traders and their European Union (EU) animal and public health obligations.

As a guide, the EU Commission has issued an online training manual which demonstrates how the system is supposed to work.

Operational, veterinary and system development support - economic operators should seek support through their local Animal Health Office.

Support Documents

  • These pages are the definitive source for support documents which include Notes for Guidance for economic operators and Official Veterinarians, checklists, and model owner’s declarations.
  • Official EU TRACES website

Page last modified: July 26, 2010