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Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution sponsorship

More information about the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution can be found on its website. These pages only contain relevant documents published by Defra or the former Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions.

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The Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (RCEP) is an independent, cross border, standing body, which advises the Queen, Government, Parliament, the devolved administrations and the public, on environmental issues. It was established by Royal Warrant in February 1970. The Commission is supported by a small full-time Secretariat of civil servants and maintains links with Government Departments, Parliamentary committees, wider society and with its counterparts in other European countries.

Although independent of Government departments, it is funded by Defra, to whom it is accountable for its use of resources. Sponsorship was initially with the Civil Service Department (the Cabinet Office) and transferred to the Department of the Environment (now part of Defra) in 1980. Amongst other duties, Defra has a responsibility to:

  • carry out a Financial Management and Policy Review every few years;
  • keep the terms of the Royal Warrant under review;
  • ensure that the Royal Commission has adequate financial systems and procedures in place to promote the efficient and economical conduct of its business; and
  • safeguard financial propriety and regularity.

Page last modified: 2 March 2009