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Doing business with us (procurement)


  • Greening Government Commitments: Operations and Procurement (published February 2011) The document sets out how the Government intends to significantly reduce its impact on the environment over the period to 2015 by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, reducing waste, reducing water usage and making procurement more sustainable.  It means getting better value for money, capitalising on the opportunities to make financial and environmental resource savings and working in partnership with our key suppliers to deliver on the Government’s commitment to be the greenest ever. 

  • Action plan for driving sustainable operations and procurement across Government The action plan details the Government’s approach to reforming its operations and procurement, e.g. showing leadership to the wider public sector, business and citizens and  meeting priorities of leadership, transparency and accountability, efficiency and reform and effective governance.
  • A Greenhouse Gas Footprint Analysis of UK Central Government, 1990-2008, December 2010 (PDF 600 KB) The report provides a high-level assessment of Central Government’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  It identifies the most significant sources of GHG emissions, explains how procurement of goods and services contribute to them and suggests opportunities for Government to reduce them, both for individual departments and across particular product or service groups.
  • Latest news and updates on sustainable development
  • Central government is to cut its carbon emissions by 10% in the next 12 months (14 May 2010)  The target is an aggregate reduction with individual departments’ contributions to be determined by the Office of Government Commerce.  The Government is also committed to central government headquarters publishing their energy use in real time online.

Selling to Defra: Suppliers’ engagement programme

We encourage our suppliers to become more involved with the sustainability agenda, participate in the activities arranged for them and take advantage of Government support for businesses. Supplier engagement is essential to achieving our targets for Sustainable Operations on the Government Estate (SOGE)

The Government recognises the role that good relations with suppliers can play in achieving improvements in performance and sustainability of mutual benefit to all parties.  Through our supplier engagement programme, we aim to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability issues and build capacity amongst suppliers so that they are better placed to develop and deliver the sustainable solutions that we require.

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