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Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC)

Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC) is a regulatory regime for controlling pollution from certain industrial activities.  From 6 April 2008 it has been incorporated into the framework of the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR).  Details of EPR can be found on the Environmental Permitting Programme web page. See background for further information about PPC.

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The regulators

The industrial activities caught by the PPC element of the Environmental Permitting Regulations are split into three categories and are regulated by two different regulators:

  • Part A(1) - The Environment Agency
    The Environment Agency regulates what is considered to be the most polluting of the three industrial categories, A(1) activities. These are regulated for multi-media emissions such as air, land, water and other environmental considerations.
  • Part A(2) and Part B - Local authorities
    Local authorities regulate the comparatively less polluting Part A(2) activities (multi-media regulation) and the lesser polluting Part B activities (these are regulated for emissions to air only).


Older PPC information, including closed consultations, can be found on the National Archive website.


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