Environmental risk

Strategic National Guidance: the decontamination of buildings, infrastructure and open environment  exposed to chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear materials

The Government has produced guidance to assist local authorities and others, in developing effective strategies for the remediation and the recovery of the open environment, following the release of; chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear substances, resulting from malicious or industrial HazMat incidents.

The guidance will be subject to continuing review to comply with possible influencing factors on its content.

Defra’s non-departmental public body, the 'Environment Agency' a first responder in emergency situations, may also be able to provide some guidance and assistance. 

GDS logoThe Government Decontamination Service (GDS), is part of the Defra; Food and Environment Research Agency (Fera). The GDS provides advice and guidance on decontamination caused by CBRN incidents, and access to a Framework of companies that are able to offer a practical decontamination and remediation service.

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Page last modified: 31 January 2011
Page published: 25 March 2004

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