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Defra publications

Our publications - listed through the subject pages of our website - are available either in pdf format or from The Stationery Office (TSO), including the latest editions of annual publications.

To support our sustainability agenda we do not normally supply publications in hard copy format. However should you require a printed copy please contact Defra Library telephone 020 7238 6575 for further information.

Ordering Stationery Office (TSO) publications

All Stationery Office publications may be ordered direct from TSO by writing to:

TSO Publications Centre, PO Box 276, London SW8 5DT

Telephone enquiries/orders: Tel. 0870 600 5522 (queuing system in operation)

Email enquiries:


TSO titles are also available from TSO bookshop agents (see Yellow Pages) or through any good bookshop, who will order the title for you if it is not in stock.

When ordering from TSO, always quote the title in full, and the ISBN (International Standard Book Number), found at the foot of each entry in this catalogue.

Page last modified: 30 June 2010