Pollution Prevention and Control (PPC)

Environment Agency

Publications and guidance

The following documents are designed to provide those operating and regulating PPC activities under the Environmental Permitting Regulations with information on the permitting procedure.

Waste Incineration Directive

More on the Waste Incineration Directive on the Environment Agency’s website.

Large Combustion Plants Directive

More information on the regulation of the fuel and power sector can be found on the Environment Agency's website.


The following posters have been published by ADAS in conjunction with Defra as guidance to intensive livestock pig and poultry operators.

The application window for pig and poultry farms to apply for a permit to operate was 1 November 2006 to 31 January 2007. The thresholds for pig and poultry farms to come under IPPC are livestock capacity which exceeds:

  • 750 sows
  • 2,000 fattening pigs over 30kg
  • 40,000 poultry (includes chickens, layers, pullets, turkeys, ducks and guinea fowl)

IPPC Model Templates are on the NFU Online website.

Further general information on the intensive livestock sector can be found on Defra’s farming pages and the eggs and poultry pages.

Page last modified: 19 November 2010