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Greener living fund

Defra launched a new fund to promote greener living. Its main delivery phase will run between April 2009 to March 2011. It complements other initiatives under the ‘Act on CO2’ banner.

Purpose of funding

Applicants drew up projects, and showed that they had the ability and reach to implement, projects or programmes that would influence pro-environmental behaviours in the wider population.

Information about Defra’s Framework for pro-environmental Behaviours.

Selection of delivery partners

Delivery partners were selected competitively through a two stage application process. We received 112 concept notes in December 2008 and from these, 17 were shortlisted. These projects were then funded to produce full applications, from which the 8 successful projects were selected.

Delivery Partners

  1. Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN)
  2. Co-operatives UK
  3. Global Action Plan
  4. Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)
  5. National Trust
  6. National Union of Students
  7. Sustrans
  8. Waterwise Project

Further information

  • Third sector fund to inspire sustainable living
    Defra is providing seed funding in 2010/11 for third sector organisations to put in place projects designed to encourage and enable individuals and communities to adopt more sustainable behaviours to 2012 and beyond – using the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games as a way of reaching hard to engage groups.

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Page published: 4 November 2008