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Goat movements, ID and tracing

5 mile rule

New recording rules for goat keepers

From 31 December 2009 all goats which are born on or after this date will need to be recorded individually in your holding register when they move off your holding. The holding register will also need to include:

  • year of birth and date of identification
  • month and year of death if the animal dies on your holding
  • the breed and genotype (if known)

The rules for movement documents are a little different and the regulation (21/2004) provides a phased in approach to individual recording as follows:

  • no goats have to be individually recorded on a movement document until 1 January 2011;
  • no goats born before 31 December 2009 have to be individually recorded on a movement document until 31 December 2011;
  • and no goats born before 31 December 2009 and moving to slaughter (directly or via a market) have to be individually recorded on a movement document at all.

Identification rules for goat keepers

Electronic identification (EID) and individual recording is an EU requirement, from 31 December 2009. In the UK however, goats do not need to be electronically identified because our goat population is below the EU threshold. Double tagging rules for goats therefore continue to apply. Goat keepers can electronically ID their herd if they wish to, in which case they follow the ID and recording rules as for sheep.

An information pack for keepers in England on rules for identifying sheep and goats has been sent out in the post. Copies of the contents in PDF format are provided below. Limited extra copies of the Holding Register are available by calling the Defra library on 020 7238 6575 quoting PB 13281. Copies of the contents in PDF format are also provided below: 

Flock/herd register

All goat keepers in the UK are required to keep a holding register (750 KB). This record may be kept on paper or electronically. Keepers can determine their own method for maintaining the record (book, file, spreadsheet) but must ensure that the information recorded is in the same format and order as the register above.

Livestock movements

Prior to any movement the owner/keeper shall inspect goats to be moved for signs of foot and mouth disease. If any evidence of such disease is found it must be notified without delay to the Divisional Veterinary Manager (DVM) of the local Animal Health Divisional Office.

All goat movements must be accompanied by a completed AML movement document. Goat movement must be reported by the recipient of the animals to the Local Authority within three days of the movement taking place, using the appropriate AML form.

Paperless registration of pet keepers

There are increasing numbers of people who keep one or two animals as pets, for example goats, pot bellied pigs, etc who find they need to comply with animal movement legislation and therefore require a CPH number. In the past they have had to go through the same procedure as our other customers to register with us. However this has now changed.

For those customers who are only keeping animals as pets and do not take part in any of the schemes administered by the RPA or for which RPA make payment, registration can be completed over the phone and a CReg 01 will not need to be completed. 

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