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Farming new entrants - Fresh Start

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The Government has long recognised the importance of new entrants to farming to ensure that the industry remains dynamic and innovative. Since 2004, Defra has worked closely with the National Stakeholder Partners, led by Sir Don Curry, Chair of the Implementation Group for Sustainable Farming and Food., to identify mechanisms to help new entrants / support intergenerational succession. Fresh Start aims to secure a sustainable future for farming in England by:

  • promoting an entrepreneurial culture, amongst the next generation of farm business owners
  • promoting the use of generic business planning & management techniques
  • promotion of farming (and all its associated activities) as an attractive career option for new entrants
  • development of a “matching service” that will link potential new entrants to those wishing to reduce their direct involvement or retire.
  • development of a national mentoring capability for all new / growing farm enterprises
  • practical support for a continual professional development culture to be adopted by everybody working in this industry

A further objective is to stimulate existing farmers to think about their businesses in a post CAP reform environment, whether this leads to a planned expansion / a diversification or a managed exit. The choices made could create new opportunities for new entrants.

Fresh Start only covers England. For Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland contact your devolved authority.

Barclays Community funded the initial three years of the role of the Fresh Start National Project Manager – Steve Lindsay. Financial support from the NFU Mutual Charitable Trust enables this work to continue. Defra have supported the work in many ways providing resources, expertise, communications, PR and secretarial support.

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