Farm Woodland Premium Scheme

The Farm Woodland Premium Scheme was closed to new applicants in 2005.  However, existing agreements will continue until their expiry date. 

Further details on the WGS are available at the Forestry Commission Website.

The new English Woodland Grant Scheme (EWGS) opened in 2005 and has replaced this earlier schemes.

What was the Farm Woodland Premium Scheme?

The Farm Woodland Premium Scheme was introduced on 1 April 1992.  It replaced the Farm Woodland Scheme (FWS) and encouraged farmers to convert productive agricultural land to woodland by providing annual incentives in the form of payments for 10 years ( for mainly conifer woodlands) or 15 years ( for mainly broadleaved woodlands) to compensate for lost farming income.

The objective was to enhance the environment through the planting of farm woodlands, thereby improving the landscape, providing new habitats and increasing biodiversity.

FWPS payments were additional to woodland establishment grants made under the Forestry Commission's Woodland Grant Scheme (WGS).

The FWPS was part funded by the EU. Until 1 January 2000 it was governed by EC Regulation 2080/92 on forestry measures in agriculture and all approvals issued before that date are still governed by that Regulation. All approvals issued on or after 1 January 2000 are governed by Council Regulation (EC) (1257/99).

The ERDP provided for a total expenditure over 7 years of £77m on the FWPS and £139m on the WGS over the 7 years 2000 to 2006.

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