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EU Zootechnic legislation: Pedigree animals

Defra's Zootechnics team covering non-equine species deals primarily with European legislation concerning the official recognition of herd and flock book organisations. These organisations maintain herd and flock books for purebred bovines, pigs, sheep and goats. The main purpose of this legislation is to facilitate trade in these animals between Member States.

Recognition of Breed Societies

The criteria governing official recognition of breed societies are laid down in EU regulations. The team deals with applications from non-equine breed societies seeking official recognition in Great Britain. Applicants must first prove that they meet the specific requirements of the EU regulations before official recognition can be given.

In accordance with EU Zootechnical legislation Defra is required to maintain and publish a list of recognised breed societies on its website.

Lists of approved breeding organisations or associations

More information about EU legislation is available on the EC Europa website.

Page last modified: 15 December 2010
Page published: 5 January 2010