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Defra's enforcement policy

Defra and its Executive Agencies are responsible for enforcing a wide range of legal obligations, many of which carry a criminal sanction for non-compliance.

This Enforcement Policy statement sets out the general principles Defra intends to follow in relation to regulation and its enforcement options when legal obligations are breached (This is the second revision of the original Enforcement Policy Statement published in 2005).

It also specifically sets out public interest factors, in addition to those in the Code for Crown Prosecutors (2009), appropriate to the decision to prosecute in regulatory cases.

Directed Surveillance and Covert Human Intelligence Source Policy and Operational document

The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (2000) (RIPA) provides a legal framework for authorising Directed Surveillance and the use of Covert Human Intelligence Sources.

This policy and procedure document sets out the circumstances in which Defra staff will be permitted to embark on a Directed Surveillance operation and the use of a Covert Human Intelligence Source and the requirements that will need to be observed in order that Defra will not contravene the relevant legislation, the Codes of Practice issued by the Home Office, or the Guidance of the Office of Surveillance Commissioners.


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