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Wildlife Protection

These pages provide information about Defra's work in protecting wildlife in England and the UK.

In this section:

  • Conservation
    Find out about this important area of development on UK farms and it's links to biodiversity.
  • Whales and dolphins
    Learn about the UK's plays role in negotiations with the International Whaling Commission and what to do if you find a stranded whale, dolphin or porpoise.
  • EU Birds and Habitats Directive
    Learn more about these European directives and how they are implemented within the UK
  • Convention on Migratory Species
    Find out how this convention protects migratory species through agreements.
  • International agreements
    Learn about other international agreements designed to protect wildlife and their habitats.
  • Dangerous Wild Animals Act
    Find out more about the aims of this act, the results of reviewing the act, concerns about the law being observed properly and which animals are subject to the act's licensing requirements.
  • Seal Product Regulations 2010
    The Regulation prohibits the placing on the market of products from seals and other pinnipeds (sea lions and walruses) which includes restrictions on imports and intra-Community trade.
  • Zoos
    Discover more about the zoos in England, the licensing they are subject to and the specialist group set up to ensure that zoos meet conservation, education and scientific research aims.

Further information

Find out more about wildlife crime and protection from Directgov:

Page last modified: 20 August 2010
Page published: 23 October 2008

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