Greenhouse gas (GHG) conversion factors

The purpose of the greenhouse gas (GHG) conversion factors is to help businesses convert existing data sources (e.g. utility bills, car mileage, refrigeration and fuel consumption) into CO2 equivalent emissions by applying relevant conversion factors (e.g. calorific values, emission factors, oxidation factors).

These greenhouse gas conversion factors should be used alongside guidance on how to measure and report your greenhouse gas emissions to help you measure and report on the greenhouse emissions that your organisation is responsible for.

Current GHG conversion factors - updated October 2010

These factors were updated on 06/10/2010 to correct small errors in annexes 6, 7 and 9. Please see the introduction for more details of the changes since version 1.0

Older GHG conversion factors
Greenhouse Gas (GHG) conversion factor methodology papers

Page last modified: 11 October 2010