Governance and sponsorship guidance for delivery bodies

These guidance pages aim to provide a comprehensive, easy access, source of information to the rules on governance and financial management for all the types of delivery bodies Defra works with.  It is an essential resource to help manage delivery relationships.

It will be essential reading if you are thinking about how best to deliver policies through a non-departmental public body, public corporation or executive agency

It is an important resource for Defra policy sponsor teams and delivery network partners.

It will help us all – whether in core Defra or delivery network partner bodies – to work effectively together to deliver the products, services and advice needed to improve all the outcomes called for by Defra’s departmental strategy.

The guidance is monitored to ensure that it contains the up to date advice and messages, and to ensure it is consistent with central government guidance.

Please contact Delivery Transformation Programme - Delivery relationships team if you have feedback or comments about any parts of the guidance or site.

For more information about this guidance and the roles involved in network  relationships, please follow the link to the introduction.

If you have access to Defra Online (Defra's intranet),  further useful information and along with more technical detail is also available on the Delivery Network Relationships support pages. If you don’t have this access, we are happy to help you. Again, please contact Delivery relationships team .

Guidance that is mandatory for non-departmental public bodies is also often good practice for public corporations. We have highlighted where this is the case and, where possible, we’ve also included guidance relevant to public corporations in the guidance for non-departmental public bodies.

If you are unsure about your role or place in the policy delivery relationship  the following questions will help, and you can follow the links for help with the answers:


  1. What are the roles and responsibilities in the delivery relationship?
  2. How do I deliver policy through an existing delivery body?
  3. How do I create a new delivery body to deliver policy?
  4. What is the governance, finance, performance management and review framework for the delivery relationship?

If you have any comments or questions about this guidance, please contact us.

Page last modified: 31 October 2008
Page published: 8 May 2006