Milk and milk products: Dairy Supply Chain Forum (DSCF)

The role of Government in the Forum has been to facilitate industry action to address the challenges facing the sector. The Government will continue to chair the Forum for as long as the industry finds this of benefit.

The specific aims of the Forum have changed over time.  However, the broad objective of the Forum remains: to provide a framework within which parties in the dairy supply chain can come together to discuss challenges facing the industry and develop collective solutions

Work and structure of the forum

In the first instance, simply bringing the various parties in the dairy supply chain together to talk yielded useful benefits. However, the Forum has achieved some significant successes by identifying, and achieving consensus on ways to deal with challenges common to the whole chain.

Forum achievements are set out in a report which details work commissioned by, and benefits brought about, by the Forum.

In 2006, after consultation with the industry it was decided the structure of the Forum would be revised to take new challenges into account. As a result, the sub-groups were disbanded and it was decided that Taskforces would be formed on an ad-hoc basis  to take forward specific challenges for 2007/2008.

  • Sustainable Consumption and Production Taskforce.

Strategic objective: increase the efficiency and promote the sustainable development of the dairy supply chain.

Desired outcome: improved collaboration across the dairy supply chain leading to effective and innovative approaches to the challenges facing the sector that increase the efficiency and promote the sustainable development of the chain as a whole.

Outputs: identify challenges facing the dairy sector that can be appropriately addressed through collaboration between some or all of the participants in the dairy supply chain. To establish sub-groups, containing appropriate experts from different parts of the sector, to consider and agree effective approaches to the challenges identified that will increase efficiency and promote sustainable development. To monitor, guide and evaluate the progress of the sub-groups.

"Opening the Barriers" - Dairy Innovation Information Hub

Dairy UK and the Dairy Supply Chain Forum have launched a new information hub for the dairy sector. ‘Opening the Barriers’ is an on-line resource which provides advice and solutions to anyone who wishes to develop new products or working practices. The hub is a Dairy Supply Chain Forum initiative created by Dairy UK in response to the Forum’s “Barriers to Innovation” Report, which identified the need to provide information to encourage innovation in the sector.

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