Policy commission report on the future of farming and food

The Policy Commission on the Future of Farming and Food was set up by the Prime Minister in August 2001, and its remit covered England. The Commission presented its report to Government on 29 January 2002.

The report was a major contribution to a new strategy for sustainable, diverse, modern and adaptable farming, fully integrated with the rest of the food chain and taking into account the needs of the environment and rural economy.

It sets out a vision for the farming and food industry.

The independent report contained around 100 recommendations - for farmers, food producers, government and other agencies. These recommendations addressed many of Defra's key themes.

Delivery and follow-up

The Government worked closely with farmers, the food industry and the full range of stakeholders to develop the Policy Commission's recommendations into practical policies and deliver them on the ground. This process began on 26 March 2002 when the Prime Minister and Secretary of State met with farming and food industry leaders and others with an interest in the environment and rural economy to discuss how best they could contribute to taking forward the ideas contained in the Policy Commission's Report. This event coincided with the publication of a document entitled Sustainable Food And Farming: Working Together (PDF 200 KB), which invited stakeholders' views on how to deliver the Commission's vision. The document also included a summary of the Policy Commission Recommendations (PDF 110 KB) and an economic analysis and evidence paper (PDF 490 KB). A summary of the responses received is also available.

Response to the Report of the Policy Commission on the Future of Farming and Food by HM Government

The Government's Response was published in December 2002 together with the Strategy for Sustainable Farming and Food.

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