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Defra's complaints procedures

To help you to route your complaint to the correct team within Defra, please select from the following:

  • Standards of Service – complaints concerning the quality and efficiency of the service you have received as a customer.
  • Policies or legal issues – complaints concerning the Department's policies or interpretation of legislation.
  • Access to information – complaints concerning requests for information (under the Freedom of Information Act or the Environmental Information Regulations) and requests for your own personal data (under the Data Protection Act).  Also, complaints concerning the Defra Publication Scheme.
  • Re-use of information – complaints concerning a request to re-use information under the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005.
  • Procurement and contractual matters – complaints concerning any procurement or contractual matters
  • Defra Inspectorates’ codes and complaints procedures – complaints concerning the Defra Inspectorates.

Page last modified: 6 November 2009
Page published: 1 February 2007