Classical swine fever

Classical Swine Fever is a different disease to Swine Flu. See the Swine Influenza pages for more information.

The disease is notifiable: if you suspect the disease, you must immediately notify the duty vet in your local Animal Health Office.

About CSF

Classical swine fever (CSF) is a highly contagious viral disease of pigs. In its acute form the disease generally results in high morbidity and mortality.

  • See CSF factsheet for further information on CSF, how to spot the disease and CSF control measures.

CSF Disease Control

A Great Britain CSF disease control strategy has been developed by Defra, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Assembly Government in consultation with delivery agents and the pig industry.  The control strategy applies to all keepers of pigs ranging from commercial producers to those keeping pigs as a hobby or pets. 

Further information

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