The Washington Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora - CITES

The CITES 15th Conference of Parties ran from 13-25 March 2010, Doha, Qatar, 1,200 delegates attended representing 150 Governments.  During the conference a number of species listings proposals were discussed as well as administrative proposals including proposals to tighten up Resolutions on tigers, rhinos, elephant and Tibetan antelopes.
For more information on the conference please see the CITES website and CITES Secretariat press release

In this section:

  • What is CITES?
    Find out what CITES is and how it works.
  • Action in the UK
    Discover more about how CITES is implemented in the UK.
  • Action internationally
    Learn more about how CITES is implemented at an international level.
  • CITES and you
    Find out how CITES is relevant to you as an individual, as a business or as a student on Directgov.
  • Charging for CITES licences
    Find out about the schedule of charges for applications for CITES licences.
  • Contacts
    Need to ask a question? Find out who to contact for more information about CITES.

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