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Catering services and food procurement toolkit

The Catering Services and Food Procurement toolkit is aimed at people in the public sector who are responsible for buying catering services (including vending and hospitality services) and food directly from wholesalers, producers and suppliers.

The toolkit contains guidance on how you can incorporate the aims of the Public Sector Food Procurement Initiative into your catering and food supply contracts. You will also find sample tender documents, specifications and model contract clauses that can be used in your procurements.

I need to buy ingredients/catering services for a small, single establishment or external event or conference

I need to buy catering services for a small to medium size catering operation e.g. sports facility, local authority premises, local government office etc

I need to find a provider of ingredients/catering services for a large size and/or multi-site catering operation

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Page last modified: 29 February 2008
Page published: 21 February 2008