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Genetic modification (GM)

Information on the old Defra website currently covers the following:

  • Latest news:
    Details of recent significant publications and announcements
  • GMO introduction:
    A general overview of GM organisms, what Defra do and don’t do and contact details.
  • GM Crops
    Find out more about the current position, and the Government's policy, including the 'co-existence' of GM and non-GM farming
  • Non-crop GMOs
    Information about GM animals and GM microbes and viruses
  • Regulation
    How GMOs are regulated and controlled. Applications and release information: details of applications, site locations, invitations to make representations, and consents pending.
  • International issues
    International agreements, transboundary movements
  • Research:
    Defra research - proposed, in progress and completed
  • Links Page for related sites including ACRE - Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment.

Page last modified 31 October, 2010

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