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Water quality

This section provides links to information on action being taken by the Government to improve the quality of the water environment - rivers, lakes, estuaries, coastal waters and groundwater. This includes issues such as sewage treatment and disposal, bathing waters, dangerous substances, pollution from agricultural sources, and economic instruments for water pollution.

  • Bathing Water Directive and revised Directives - protecting public health and the environment from faecal pollution at bathing waters
  • Freshwater Fish Directive - seeks to protect those fresh water bodies identified by Member States as waters suitable for sustaining fish populations
  • Shellfish Waters Directive - seeks to protect or improve shellfish waters identified by Member States in order to support shellfish life and growth and thus contribute to the high quality of edible shellfish products
  • Water Framework Directive - designed to improve and integrate the way water bodies are managed throughout Europe. Member States must aim to reach good chemical and ecological status in inland and coastal waters by 2015
Sewage treatment and disposal
Pollution and preventing pollution
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Page published: 17 June 2003