Avian influenza (bird flu)

It is vital that all bird keepers in the UK continue to practice the highest levels of biosecurity and be vigilant for any signs of disease. If you are concerned about the health of your birds you should seek advice from your veterinary surgeon. If you suspect that your birds have avian influenza, you should report it to your local Animal Health Office immediately.

The basics
Key information about avian flu. See also: clinical signs, transmission and disease control.

Kept birds
Information relating to farmed, pet or otherwise kept birds including information on bringing birds indoors, vaccination and biosecurity.

See also disinfectant information and the GB Poultry Register. For the disposal of poultry please see our Fallen stock pages.

Wild birds
Information relating to wild birds, advice on licensing, guidance for anyone who finds groups of dead birdsand surveillance for avian influenza in wild birds.

Other animals
Information relating to cats, dogs etc.

What the Government is doing
Defra in liaison with Animal Health have set out systems to be implemented in an outbreak of disease, including a contingency plan and Risk Assessments.

Impact on the countryside
Information relating to avian influenza and its effect on the countryside.


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