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Farming: Industrial crops

MiscanthusMany crops have an industrial or non-food use. This site is a source of information for anyone interested in the opportunities that these crops provide. There are three groups of industrial crops:

  • Energy - crops used to generate heat, electricity or produce liquid fuels  (including transport biofuels)
  • Fibres - crops used to produce fibrous material for use in, for example, car manufacture or insulation
  • Non-food - crops with an industrial use other than energy or fibres

For a list of industrial crops and their typical uses see the industrial crops examples page.

Biofuels: risks and opportunities setting out the key issues in the context of current Government policy on Biofuels.

Maps and guidance, identifying the most appropriate areas for growing energy crops and areas where care would need to be taken from an environmental point of view, are now available.

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Page last modified: 30 October 2007
Page published: 1 July 2006