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The Future of our Farming

The Future of our Farming (1.7mb pdf)Hilary Benn launched The Future of our Farming (PDF 1.7MB) at the Royal Show on 9 July 2009 - a leaflet for the farming community outlining our shared aims for and actions towards achieving a thriving and environmentally sustainable farming industry.


The Government's policy is to secure an environment in which a competitive and sustainable agricultural industry with a strong market focus can flourish.

The outcome of the Agenda 2000 negotiations led to a significant shift away from price support to direct payments under CAP Reform. In doing so the emphasis moved from production-based support towards environmental and rural development measures.

Looking forward, by 2020 we want English agriculture to be profitable in the marketplace, continuing to produce the majority of the food we consume; making a positive net environmental contribution, notably in respect of climate change, but also more widely; and managing the landscape and the natural assets that underlie it.

Other material

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