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Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund in England

The Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund aims to reduce the environmental impacts of the extraction of aggregates and to deliver benefits to areas subject to these impacts. The extraction of aggregates from the environment (sand, gravel and crushed rock) represents 82 per cent by tonnage of all non-fossil fuel minerals extracted from the land and sea in the UK. The objectives of the Fund support the delivery of Defra's goals of tackling the causes and consequences of climate change and securing a healthy natural environment.

Defra is responsible for programme management of the ALSF in England including setting its objectives and allocating money to organisations which fund projects to meet those objectives.

Following the consultation on the future priorities for and delivery of the fund (31 January to 29 April 2008), Defra has set the objectives of the fund and allocated funding to delivery partners. Our delivery partners will publicise their funding schemes.

Funding is allocated to projects which meet the objectives of the Fund through nine national delivery partners and eighteen local authorities.

Latest news
  • December 2010
    Following the Spending Review settlement in October, the Government has decided to discontinue the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund programme of work after the current Financial Year ending 31 March 2011. We have had to look very carefully across all the Department’s priorities to see where we can make best use of available funds in a very tight spending context. Unfortunately, the Department is no longer in a position to be able to continue the funding of the ALSF programme. The department is very grateful for the efforts and hard work of all those who have helped to achieve some significant results from the nine years over which the programme has been running.
    An independent evaluation of the ALSF (for 2008 – 2011) was recently carried out by the In House Policy Resource (a cross-government research unit) to assess the performance and value for money of the Fund. Please see the executive summary (PDF 1.0MB) and full report (2.2MB). In view of the decision to discontinue the ALSF Defra asked the In House Policy Resource to reflect on lessons learnt and how the value of the ALSF’s investment may be embedded: please see this addendum (150KB).
  • July 2008: Government response to the consultation on the future priorities and delivery of the ALSF (PDF 56 KB)
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