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Resource accounts

Defra, in line with other Government departments, annually produces the resource accounts which are required to be laid before Parliament.

  • Resource accounts 2009-2010 (PDF, 1.3 MB)
    This includes the Departmental Report for 2010 which was not published this year as a stand alone document

What are Resource Accounts?

Defra's resources are allocated in accordance with the Department's strategic priorities and strategic outcomes, the achievement of which provides high quality services and products demonstrating a genuine improvement in value for money driven through an organisational commitment to continuous improvement.

We believe that good quality financial stewardship is crucial in maintaining the high quality of the work we do for the essentials of life - water, food, air, land, people, animals and plants.

Resource Accounts are accruals based financial accounts which show the link between inputs, the Department's aims, objectives and outputs. Accruals accounting is a method of recording expenditure as it is incurred, not when it is paid out, and income as it is earned, not when it is received. See Government Financial Reporting Manual.

Previous resource accounts (National Archives)

Further information

National Audit Office (NAO)

The National Audit Office examine the resource accounts in accordance with the UK auditing standards issued by the Auditing Practices Board. The audit assesses the judgements made by Defra and the consistent use of appropriate accounting policies in line with the guidance given by the sources detailed above (HMT, UK GAAP, etc). The financial statements are checked to ensure they are free from any material misstatement and that the expenditure and income have been applied to the purposes intended by Parliament.

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