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Farming: organic farming

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The market for organic products is generally buoyant and expanding. Retail sales of organic produce are now worth approx. £1.2 billion per year with considerable opportunity for import substitution through increasing home production. All the available evidence suggests that for the foreseeable future the UK organic market will continue to increase and many farmers and growers may be missing a good business opportunity if they do not give serious thought to organic production.

Not only could converting your farm help improve your businesses profitability, but it could also result in improvements in biodiversity, agricultural diversity and employment as well as helping to play a key part in the re-connection of agriculture with the public.

Organic farming is not an easy option though and those considering conversion may need training if their enterprise is to succeed and should ensure that they have a sound business plan in place prior to conversion. A number of organisations and colleges offer courses in organic agriculture and horticulture.

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Page published: 1 July 2006