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Who we are

In this section you can find information about:

  • Defra’s Ministers
    The politicians, forming part of the British government, who lead and direct the department. Our Secretary of State is a member of the Cabinet. In the interests of transparency we regularly publish details of Ministers’ hospitality, gifts, meetings and overseas travel.
  • Defra’s Supervisory Board
    The Defra Supervisory Board meets quarterly and is chaired by the Secretary of State. It brings together the Ministerial Team, Permanent Secretary, Directors-General and other senior officials, together with our Lead and other Non-Executive Directors to monitor performance and delivery, including that of sponsored bodies.
  • Defra’s Management Committee
    The department’s Permanent Secretary (our most senior civil servant), a number of other senior civil servants and some non-executive members make up the management team to oversee the day to day running of the department. In the interests of transparency we regularly publish notes of meetings and details of expenses, hospitality etc.
  • Defra organisational chart (PDF 3.5 MB)
    The names of the senior civil servants who work in the department and their job titles and the job titles of those who work for them.
  • Number of Defra staff and salaries
    In the interests of transparency we publish the numbers of staff at each grade level and the salaries paid to senior civil servants.

  • Staff survey
    Defra holds regular surveys to seek staff’s views about working in the Department. In October 2010 Defra took part in the second Civil Service People Survey, which was managed centrally and held across 103 Civil Service organisations. This provides Defra with a benchmark to compare performance against the Civil Service as a whole, as well as to monitor year-on-year improvements within the Department. The results are available as follows:

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