High quality, accessible statistical information and analysis is a key part of policy development. Defra’s statistical team understand and develop relevant data sources and research in accordance with the UK Statistics Authority guidelines, in order to support the policy making process.

The statistics and evidence we provide are highly valued within and outside of government. Our work takes us into many areas of the Department and we have good links with other government departments, the EU, a wide range of stakeholders and data providers.

Key Publications

All Defra’s National Statistics products are listed on the Release Calendar on the UK Statistics Authority’s Publication Hub in advance of publication.

Our work falls into three areas:

  • Food and farming statistics: Key statistics about UK agriculture can be found in our publication “Agriculture in the United Kingdom“. Our most recent food and farming statistical releases are listed here.
  • Environment and wildlife statistics: The ‘e-Digest of Environmental Statistics provides summary statistics on the environment in the United Kingdom. Information is organised by topic, and a synthesis of our key facts is presented in our ‘Environment In Your Pocket’ publication.
  • Rural and countryside statistics: Social and economic indicators for rural areas, as well as information on the rural-urban definitions and classificatins. In addition, interactive querying and mapping facilities through our Rural Evidence Hub (REH) and as ‘off-the-shelf’ information in the form of reports and maps.


We follow the Code of Practice for Official Statistics issued by the UK Statistics Authority when preparing and publishing our statistical information.

Page last modified: 2 December 2010