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Local environments

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Get involved in The Big Tree Plant

The Big Tree Plant LogoThe Big Tree Plant aims to encourage people and communities to plant more trees in urban and residential areas. The five year campaign will encourage local community groups to plant and care for trees in their neighbourhood, particularly in areas that don’t have many. The Big Tree Plant partnership brings together civil society partners and conservation organisations, working with Defra and the Forestry Commission. For more information on how to get involved visit The Big Tree Plant website

Clean, tidy and safe public spaces make a huge difference to the quality of all our lives. Aside from the threat to our health, safety and security, dirty streets and neighbourhoods can have an effect on the wider community. Minor street littering and a few smashed windows can lead to flyposting, fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour and eventually serious crime.

Defra develops policies to enhance the local environment, and works with local authorities, whose job it is to maintain and deliver improvements on the ground.

Learn more about legislation and enforcement in this area.

The Business Link website has plain English guides on how your business can protect your local environment from pollution and waste

What you can do

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Flytipping down – enforcement up

Defra’s latest statistics on its Flycapture scheme show the number of flytipping incidents dealt with by local authorities during 2009-10 is down by over 18% on the previous year, while enforcement actions have risen.


Defra’s strategy on litter, how it’s enforced, and how you can play your part in reducing litter.

Page last modified: 31 December 2010