Agriculture in the United Kingdom (AUK)

This annual publication provides an overview of agriculture in the UK, fulfilling the requirement that Ministers publish an annual report on matters relating to price support for agricultural produce. The information is used widely by Defra and other stakeholders to support policy development. It contains an extensive range of data including farm incomes, land use, livestock numbers, prices, production of key commodities (e.g. wheat, milk, vegetables), overseas trade, organic farming, animal health and welfare and the environment.


Next release: The 2010 edition of AUK will be published on 25th May 2011

Review of AUK

We are currently reviewing the statistics that we collect and publish, to ensure consistency with the new policy priorities and reduced budgets across Government.  This may result in our reducing, or stopping some of the statistics that we publish.

To assist us in this process, we are seeking feedback from our customers to establish the usage of our statistics.  This will enable us to continue to provide you with the most relevant and timely statistics available, whilst helping us to identify any datasets that could be reduced or discontinued in the future.

We would appreciate it if you would complete this AUK feedback form, where your responses will help us to gauge what areas of AUK are deemed to be the most/least useful.  This will ensure that we continue to produce a useful and informative document.


Publication of AUK is supported by a seminar which provides an opportunity to discuss financial prospects for the farming sector with stakeholders. The 2011 seminar will take place on the 26th May 2011 at the Defra offices in York. Further information will be published here.

For further information, please contact: Alan Horsfall
Tel: 01904 455083

Page last modified: 2 March, 2011
Page published: 18 March, 2010

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