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Controls on animal by-products

Animal fur

Animal by-products (ABPs) are entire animal bodies, parts of animals, products of animal origin or other products obtained from animals that are not fit or intended for human consumption. They must be dealt with in accordance with strict regulations designed to prevent harm to people, animals and the environment. Defra is responsible for policy on animal by-products in England – it is the responsibility of the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Latest news

On 4 March 2011 the new EU Animal By-Products Regulation 1069/2009 came into force. The new Regulation is directly applicable. We are putting finishing touches to new domestic legislation to enforce Animal By-Products Regulations in England, and we will shortly advise of their exact date of entry into force. Similar legislation will apply in the rest of the UK. Further details about the regulations is available:

Further information on validating the use of Glyceroltriheptanoate in rendering plants, including work carried out by the Joint Research Centre of the Commission is, now available.

What is an animal by-product?

Animal by-products include

  • catering waste, used cooking oil, former foodstuffs
  • butcher and slaughterhouse waste
  • blood, feathers, wool, hides and skins
  • fallen stock, manure
  • pet animals
  • zoo and circus animals, hunt trophies
  • ova, embryos and semen

Information for farmers

Legislation and regulations

  • Local authorities (usually trading standards) are responsible for enforcement of animal by-products legislation in England, except in licensed slaughterhouses, cutting plants and cold stores. You can find your local authority on Directgov.
  • The Food Standards Agency, Operations Group, York, are responsible for enforcement of animal by-products legislation in licensed slaughterhouses, cutting plants and cold stores, on behalf of Defra.
  • The Secretary of State, through Animal Health, also has the powers to enforce where necessary. Animal Health are also responsible for inspection and approval of animal by-products premises on behalf of Defra. 

Key publications and documents

We have produced a number of official publications and guidance notes which are intended to clarify Defra’s policies on animal by-products. More specific guidance on the requirements for animal by-products premises can also be found on the relevant application form.

Page last modified: 7 March 2011