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Customer representatives

Consumer views are of key importance to Defra. Individuals and families want to be able to make informed choices, see their values reflected in decision-making about food, science, the environment and health, and to be enabled to do their bit for the environment.

The case for government action

We make sure we bring in the views of consumer and mass membership organisations and consumer representatives so their questions can be answered and ideas taken on board. The way we work has been decided together with the Consumer Representatives’ Group. We choose ways of consulting that meet consumer needs. We make sure we understand what consumers think – through opinion surveys, focus groups, behavioural economics and social psychology.

Latest news

Defra and the Consumer Representatives’ Group are working together well with clear progress made in areas such as:


Discussions with the Consumer Representative’s Group cover strategic issues. These include Defra’s priorities, consumer reactions to risk and the best methods for reaching consumer and citizen views. Policy areas include animal welfare, food prices and reducing the environmental impact of the food chain, fisheries, waste, water and rural development. The meetings also deal with specific animal diseases and the risks they carry.

Page published: 3 October 2010