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Business planning

Business Plan

The Prime Minister launched all Departments’ Business Plans on Monday 8 November 2010. Business Plans include each Department’s Vision, Priorities, Structural Reform Plan and information strategy. They are intended fundamentally to change the way that Departments are held accountable by the public for putting policies into practice.

A consultation on the transparency sections of the Business Plans has also been launched. The transparency section of each plan will include key indicators against which the department will publish data to show the cost and impact of public services and their own activities. We are consulting (through to 31 January) with public and key stakeholders to improve the relevance and robustness of the indicators and to ensure government is being transparent about the information that matters most.

The Business Plan format has been developed by HMT, Cabinet Office and No. 10 as part of the new approach to how Departments will manage themselves and be held accountable by the public. All Departments complete their Business Plans to this consistent format.

Business Plans contain:

  1. Vision: describing the way in which Defra will operate over the four years of the Spending Review (from 2011/12) and sets out how the Department will contribute to the two central purposes of the Government equipping Britain for long-term success (‘Horizon Shift’) and putting power in the hands of communities and individuals (‘Power Shift’).
  2. Priorities: these are our Structural Reform Plan priorities as well as our other major areas of responsibility.
  3. Structural Reform Plan: updated since the draft was published on 16th July, to provide more detail and new actions, following the conclusion of the Spending Review.
  4. Transparency: sets out the Department’s information strategy (how we will publish data); our input and impact indicators, which will help the public to hold us to account.

The Business Plan will be refreshed annually.

Structural Reform Plan

Defra published a draft Structural Reform Plan on 16 July. An updated version of the Structural Reform Plan has now been incorporated into the Business Plan. Each month, we publish progress reports online.

Programme for Government

The Coalition: Our Programme for Government (PFG) was published on 20 May 2010, and was opened to public comment.

Defra’s response to public comments on the section on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs was published on 30 July 2010:

We would like to thank all those who commented on the programme for their contributions.

More information on the Programme for Government

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