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Defra's third sector strategy

Defra’s Third Sector Strategy signals the Department’s commitment to working with the third sector (which includes voluntary and community organisations, charities, NGOs, co-operatives and mutuals and social enterprises). The sector makes a vital contribution to Defra’s strategic objectives. The Strategy is a result of a participative process which has involved third sector stakeholders, our staff and our delivery bodies.

Latest updates

Third Sector Strategy Progress Report, PDF 1MB 9 March 2010 - "Shaping our future: the joint ministerial and third sector Task Force on climate change, the environment and sustainable development" (PDF, 3MB) has been published.  A press notice has also been issued. Detailed information on the taskforce and the report can be found on the Defra Third Sector Blog.

6 November 2009 - The Third Sector Strategy - one year on progress report (PDF 1 MB) and the detailed progress report (920 KB) have been published.

The deal

Find out what we are offering the sector and what we ask in return

Examples of partnership

See examples of where we have worked with the sector

Our way of working

Find out how will work with your organisation

Achieving together

What we aim to achieve within the Third Sector

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Page published: 3 November 2008

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