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Defra logo: web site use

Defra's corporate identity consists of a logo, a colour palette, and standard designs for published and online material. The logo itself is made up of the word 'defra', the descriptor 'Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs', and the symbol.

The Defra logo should be used by Defra's partner organisations and bodies supported or sponsored by Defra, and may be used by other organisations with a legitimate need to link to the Defra web site (, subject to the following terms and conditions.

The Department's name should be abbreviated as Defra rather than DEFRA.

Using the logo on printed material

If you wish to use the Defra logo on any printed material - publications, promotional material etc - you must not use the web site versions of the logo. You should contact us via in the first instance, and we will put you in direct contact with experts who can provide suitable versions of the logo together with appropriate usage guidelines, on a case by case basis. We will normally respond to such requests within 1-2 working days.

Logo versions for use on non-Defra web sites

Only the approved versions of the logo (the two versions shown and described below) may be used.

defra1.gif - preferred logo for third party web sitesThe full-colour logo available for use on web sites is the file "defra1.gif" (as shown here, right) - 140x110 pixels in size - including the logo itself plus the descriptor (the text "Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs"). This full version of the logo should be used wherever possible.

defra2.gif - smaller logo for third party web sitesOnly if space constraints do not allow for the use of the full logo, then a smaller version, the file "defra2.gif" (as shown here, right) (90x55 pixels, logo only) may, exceptionally, be used.

Defra logo - illustration of clear space bordersIn both cases:

  • The logo must be used unamended - it must not be edited, separated, distorted, re-sized or re-coloured in any way
  • It must be displayed on a white background together with a minimum area of clear space around the logo - this must be not less than the area incorporated in these two approved versions of the logo - and the area around the logo should be left uncluttered - additional space (a minimum of 15, or 8 pixels, respectively) should be allowed (as indicated by means of the grey areas shown here)
  • The logo should not be placed in a box or frame but should stand alone against a solid background colour
  • The logo must in all cases be supported by the alt attribute 'Defra - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs'
  • These versions of the logo may only be used on web sites. They may not be used for any other purpose, including presentations or word processing

If you need advice on accommodating the logo within the design of your web site (we may, for example, be able to provide alternative versions to meet special needs or non-white colour schemes), please contact the Department via


We prefer that the logo itself should not be used as a hyperlink - that a separate text descriptor should be used as a hyperlink. But where, for design reasons, the logo is required to act as a hyperlink, then it must not link to anywhere other than the Defra web site home page -

Misleading or inappropriate use; Endorsements; Approvals

The Defra logo must not be used in any derogatory or misleading manner. It must not (without explicit, written agreement from Defra to the proposed use) be used in such a way that it could be taken as a form of endorsement or approval.

The Defra logo should appear on the home page of any website where Defra or one of its Agencies or Non-Departmental Public Bodies is the main sponsor, main contributor or commissioning body for the site. Such bodies should contact Defra for approval to their proposed use of the logo - we will also supply a suitable form of words, to accompany the logo, to reflect Defra's sponsorship, support or endorsement.

If under the terms of the preceding paragraphs, you need Defra's approval to your proposed use of the logo, please contact the Department via We will respond as quickly as we can.

Page last modified: 30 March 2005
Page published: 20 February 2003