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About us

Who we work with, our partners and agencies

We work with a number of others to achieve our objectives.

Our network of partners, delivery bodies and agencies are central to delivering much of our policy.

Consumer views are of key importance to Defra. Individuals and families want to be able to make informed choices, see their values reflected in decision-making about food, science, the environment and health, and to be enabled to do their bit for the environment. So we make sure we bring in the views of consumer and mass membership organisations and consumer representatives so their questions can be answered and ideas taken on board.

Increasingly, we will rely on the Big Society to help play their part in achieving our goals.

Defra is committed to working in partnership with civil society organisations.  Defra organises a Civil Society Advisory Board and a Social Enterprise Strategic Partnership to promote information exchange with civil society and to inform policy development.  More information about Defra’s work with civil society in general can be found on the Defra Civil Society blog.  You are also encouraged to subscribe to our dedicated civil society twitter feed.

We work within the context of, and seek actively to work with and to influence the making of, European Union and wider international legislation and agreements.

We also work with a wide range of other government departments and with local authorities and others.

Page last modified: 24 February 2011