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The Environment

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Get involved in The Big Tree Plant

The Big Tree Plant LogoThe Big Tree Plant aims to encourage people and communities to plant more trees in urban and residential areas. The five year campaign will encourage local community groups to plant and care for trees in their neighbourhood, particularly in areas that don’t have many. The Big Tree Plant partnership brings together civil society partners and conservation organisations, working with Defra and the Forestry Commission. For more information on how to get involved visit The Big Tree Plant website

Our departmental priorities laid down in Defra’s Structural Business Plan include:

  • helping to enhance the environment and biodiversity to improve quality of life
  • enhancing and protecting the natural environment – including biodiversity and the marine environment – by reducing pollution and preventing habitat loss and degradation
  • supporting a strong and sustainable green economy, resilient to climate change
  • encouraging businesses, people and communities to manage and use natural resources in a sustainable manner and to reduce waste
  • working to ensure that the UK economy is resilient to climate change

Our priority areas of work include:

  • developing our Natural Environment White Paper
  • managing flooding
  • pursuing the zero waste agenda
  • reforming the water industry to enhance competition and improve conservation
  • driving sustainable public sector practice across government

Page last modified: 31 January 2011