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Ability v Ability

Welcome to the new updated Ability v Ability web site on the Paralympic movement for Schools, in partnership with ParalympicsGB and NASUWT. The Paralympics is about elite athletes performing at their best, and in doing so providing inspiration to young people to help them deliver their own personal best.

This new resource will help you to:

  • raise awareness of the Paralympic movement
  • help young people appreciate more fully the nature of an inclusive society
  • recognise the achievements of Paralympic athletes
  • dispel some of the myths about sport and disability
  • provide examples of sporting excellence, in both individual and team sports.






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Features of Ability v Ability

  • New updated web site
  • New DVD
  • It can be used by anyone as it's a cross curricular resource that can be used by anyone.
  • Teachers of English, PE, GCSE PE, PSE, and Citizenship will find specific links to the curriculum content.
  • There are links to the Every Child Matters (ECM) and Children First agendas.
  • The only limit to the use of Ability v Ability is the imagination of teachers and pupils.

The new updated web site provides schools with lots of new ideas and fun things to do, including new resources for teachers and students that can be used in both the classroom and outside:

  • registration page for newsletter, new DVD and updates
  • link to Paralympic TV
  • interviews with the a new generation of Paralympic athletes working towards 2012
  • a media bank of visual resources (photo, video)
  • framegrabber tool to freeze, caption and save images from video clips
  • case studies on how to use Paralympics in the classroom
  • lesson plans and SOW
  • activities for young learners
  • fact files about the Paralympic movement
  • guidance for teachers
  • links to a number of related web sites
  • free posters for downloading
  • cross-curriculum materials
  • updates on the British team going to both 2010 (winter) and 2012 (summer) games
  • downloads for use offline.