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23.10.09: New CfIT guidance promotes greater scope for integrating land use and transport planning

27.11.08: Flexible taxi services hold the key to halting rural stagnation
25.07.08: Bus reform offers golden opportunity for passenger improvements
12.03.08: Comment on the Budget and transport measures from CfIT
04.03.08: Hard shoulder driving

30.10.07: Hendy welcomes new transport framework
20.09.07: New appointments to key government transport body
12.09.07: Everyday practical measures to combat climate change are key
24.07.07: High Level Output Statement for rail "right approach"
02.07.07: CfIT members receive recognition
23.05.07: Local Transport Bill: "major opportunity to tackle congestion"
02.04.07: UK among European transport leaders - but key challenges remain
30.03.07: Combine roads and public transport powers to improve city transport

06.12.06: UK an international leader in road pricing
17.11.06: Government's transport advisor calls for better integration
06.11.06: Government transport advisor welcomes road pricing development funding
19.07.06: High street must come first
21.06.06: New study shows road pricing progress
26.01.06: Further support for road pricing welcomed

14.12.05: Four new appointments made to CfIT Board
28.11.05: Darling's step towards national road pricing is welcomed by CfIT
07.10.05: CfIT launches new guidance to fast-track deserving local transport schemes
19.09.05: Motorists' Forum launches 'deal' to cut road deaths
19.09.05: Motorists' Forum calls for action on at-work driving deaths
06.07.05: CfIT welcomes funding for road pricing schemes
24.06.05: A new Chair appointed for CfIT
09.06.05: CfIT supports Government's show of leadership on road pricing
27.05.05: Departure of Stewart Francis from CfIT
05.04.05: David Leeder takes over as acting-chair of CfIT
31.03.05: Nottingham praised in CfIT world cities report
31.03.05: Constraint only road to cutting car use, says CfIT

01.11.04: Clocks change to bring 450 extra serious road casualties
25.10.04: Transport co-ordination in public interest, says CfIT
15.06.04: Time for speed camera critics to get real says Begg
23.03.04: Birmingham would benefit from road charging plan, says Begg
09.02.04: Planning for a high-speed rail network needed now - CfIT advises Government

09.12.03: Re-think of approach to drink driving needed says CfIT
05.11.03: Translink scoops CfIT's Customer Service Award
28.10.03: Plan offers motoring benefits for Wales
15.10.03: Plan offers motoring benefits for Scotland
01.09.03: CfIT calls for airspace and pollution charging
07.07.03: CfIT flags up key transport issues for Government to address
17.03.03: Demand management framework needed alongside investment, says CfIT
10.03.03: Councils not spending money on transport delivery - CfIT
17.02.03: London charging could lead to radical national change - Begg
05.02.03: Prescott plan needs joined up government - Begg
03.02.03: All you need to know about congestion charging from CfIT

10.12.02: CfIT reaction to transport spending plans
02.12.02: CfIT puts bus at heart of transport delivery
22.11.02: Brighton and Hove buses scoop CfIT's Excellence in Customer Care Award
12.09.02: Begg welcomes biggest boost to public transport for generations
11.09.02: Delivery is the real challenge for Government's multi-modal programme
03.07.02: CfIT welcomes NI transport strategy
22.05.02: CfIT calls for clarity on demand management
09.05.02: CfIT to study Welsh transport developments
08.05.02: Public see bus leading transport change
22.04.02: CfIT seeks better way to deliver railway safety
20.02.02: Road charge plan could significantly reduce congestion at no extra cost to motorists
20.02.02: CfIT publishes report on rail freight and 44 tonne lorries

26.11.01: UK transport starved of investment for 50 years says CfIT
21.11.01: CfIT in Government talks
06.11.01: CfIT welcomes coaches fuel rebate move
12.09.01: CfIT evaluates rail / air environmental benefits
18.07.01: People willing to pay to improve transport, says major CfIT survey
18.07.01: Congestion is London's biggest issue says CfIT survey
18.07.01: CfIT to offer transport operators a customer care seminar
04.07.01: UK motoring taxation near European average
03.05.01: New research reveals the reality of rural transport problems
08.03.01: CfIT welcomes 3p fuel cut for buses
01.03.01: CfIT recommends bus and coach fuel price cut

14.12.00: Settlement changes pace of transport delivery - says CfIT
13.12.00: Public transport must deliver benefits of car, says CfIT
06.11.00: Need to maintain existing fuel duty, says CfIT
28.09.00: CfIT reports on Government's transport progress
20.07.00: 10 year plan 'puts transport on fast track' says CfIT
11.07.00: Transport matters more to Londoners
11.07.00: Transport - England's most important local issue
30.03.00: Begg welcomes slowdown in traffic growth
22.03.00: Begg proposes fast track transport benefits for London
06.03.00: CfIT calls for lorry fleet benefits
03.03.00: CfIT calls for action on pollution from older vehicles

23.09.99: Begg - local authorities must remain at forefront of implementing integrated transport
14.07.99: Transport commission urges radical action on gridlock

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