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51st CfIT Plenary Meeting - 20 September 2007


1. Chair's Introduction Including Nata Refresh Discussion - CfIT (07) 37

2. CfIT Work Programme - CfIT (07) 38
Chris Watts to update Commissioners on current work programme

3. Pricing and Subsidy - CfIT (07) 39


4. Car User Groups
Presentation by Bob Crowther from TfL Marketing and Communications

5. Cost Issues - CfIT (07) 40


6. Fastrack Visit

The following papers are for information only:

7. Minutes of the Last Meeting - CfIT (07) 41

8. Media Report - CfIT (07) 42

9. Calendar of Events - CfIT (07) 43

10. CfIT Website - CfIT (07) 44

11. Expenditure - CfIT (07) 45



David Leeder (Chair)
Lynn Sloman (Vice-Chair), Garrett Emmerson, Paul Godier, Helen Holland, Michael Roberts, Archie Robertson, Neil Scales, Corinne Swain, Richard Turner.

Bob Crowther (Item 4), Prof. Phil Goodwin (Item 5).

CfIT secretariat:
Chris Watts, Neil Williams, Grant Allan, Brian Corbett, Luke Blair (Media Advisor).

Apologies for absence:
Apologies were received from Peter Hendy, Neil Betteridge, Harry Bush, Iain Coucher, Philip Davis, Gerry Doherty, Carolyn Dwyer, Michael Roberts, Andrew Sentance and Sir Trevor Chinn.

1. Chair's Introduction

New Commissioners
David Leeder informed Commissioners that 3 new appointments had been made by the Secretary of State, and welcomed Corinne Swain to the Commission. Corinne introduced herself and explained her background in planning. David then provided details of the 2 other new appointments to the Commission, Philip Davis and Carolyn Dwyer, who had given their apologies for the meeting.

New Joint Vice-Chair
Commissioners joined David Leeder in congratulating Lynn Sloman on her appointment as a second Vice-Chair of the Commission.

Sustainable Transport Conference
Garrett Emmerson told the Commission that he had spoken at a Sustainable Transport conference the previous day. He thought it was a good vehicle to be disseminating CfIT's views to transport professionals, and reminded the Commission that he would be speaking at an LGA event in October.

Action: Secretariat to circulate presentation slides to Commissioners.

NATA Appraisal Refresh
David Leeder referred Commissioners to the paper from DfT seeking CfIT advice with regard to its forthcoming NATA appraisal refresh. The Department was seeking a sub-group of Commissioners with experience of the economy, the environment, business and public sector delivery. Lynn Sloman, Neil Scales and Garrett Emmerson volunteered to take part along with David Leeder, and it was agreed that the secretariat would contact Andrew Sentance, Michael Roberts and Harry Bush regarding involvement in the sub-group.

Action: Secretariat to arrange CfIT sub-group to discuss NATA refresh.

Climate Change Report Feedback
Luke Blair reported that the Climate Change study launch on 12 September had gone very well, with ample coverage of the report in the Times and the Financial Times among others. There was also an interview with the Today programme on BBC Radio 4, the Radio 5 Live breakfast programme and on BBC News 24. The BBC news feature piece on eco-driving at a test track had undoubtedly aided the BBC coverage and had a knock-on effect on other BBC and press coverage.

Luke explained that he was liaising with more specialist press to ensure continued coverage. A discussion followed amongst Commissioners as to the best means of further promoting the report, including highlighting key messages from the report which were not picked up in the press. This could be done through speaking engagements and involvement with organisations with similar aims. It was also thought that attempts should be made to 'de-complicate' aspects of the report to make it more accessible to the layperson.

Action: Luke Blair to identify suitable opportunities to promote CC study.

Action: Secretariat to contact CABE regarding 'hot house' events.

David Leeder thanked Michael Roberts and Luke Blair on behalf of the Commission for the time and effort which they had put in to research and publication of the report.

2. CfIT Work Programme

Chris Watts summarised progress on the eleven ongoing projects. He said that these left no headroom for further projects in the current financial year, but that Commissioners were welcome to suggest projects for development with a view to inclusion in next year's work programme.

He identified two interesting thoughts from the previous evening's discussion, which appeared to have the broad support of Commissioners. First, there was the idea that the research on climate change should be extended to become a pillar of CfIT's work, as road pricing has been. The Intelligent Speed Adaptation project, looking at the potential environmental and safety benefits of introducing that technology on a voluntary basis, seemed to be one such project, but ideas would be welcome on other potential projects following the climate change theme. The second idea was that of sparking public debate and trying to ensure that the Commission's ideas were readily intelligible and presented for public consumption. This thought led back to the idea of a project exploring the alternative to road pricing which achieved similar benefits of congestion reduction - the "plan B" project.

Garrett Emmerson and Lynn Sloman were keen to see the Commission pursue a project on achieving behavioural change in transport. One idea would be to take the research and practical evidence of achieving change in travel patterns - e.g. DfT's Smarter Choices work and the achievements of the Sustainable Travel Towns - and produce a "how to" guide for local authorities to try to drive take-up.

Action: Garrett Emmerson and Lynn Sloman to liaise regarding proposed project.

Action: Chris Watts to produce behavioural change scoping paper.

Action: Secretariat to circulate ageing project specification.

Action: Secretariat to liaise with Chair regarding proposed 'awayday'.

3. Pricing and Subsidy

David Leeder introduced the revised draft of the Pricing and Subsidy cover paper. A discussion followed amongst Commissioners, and it was suggested that an academic should be engaged to review the paper to ensure accuracy and consistency. It was also agreed that the cover paper would be circulated to Commissioners to provide further comments to the secretariat.

Action: Secretariat to circulate cover paper and seek Commission views.

Action: Secretariat to engage academic to review cover paper.

4. Segmentation of Car User Groups

Bob Crowther, Head of Customer Research at TfL, presented research on the different types of car users and their varying attitudes to their car. Commissioners were interested in the information provided and suggested that there might be a potential role for CfIT to play in investigating the picture nation-wide.

Action: Secretariat to discuss potential research with Chair.

5. Cost Issues

Phil Goodwin talked through a discussion paper he had prepared regarding the Cost Issues report. There followed a thoughtful discussion amongst Commissioners, and it was agreed that there was scope for further work in this area. However, it was felt that the report itself was ready for publication, with the Goodwin paper. A 'Cost Issues part 2' should then be scoped and included in the future work programme.

Action: Freight to be included in paragraph 11 of discussion paper.

Action: Secretariat to publish report and scope potential 'part 2'.

6. Fastrack Visit

A number of Commissioners, joined by Peter Hendy (CfIT Chair) and members of the secretariat, then visited the Fastrack Bus Rapid Transit system in the Thameside area of Kent. David George, Fastrack Project Manager, took Commissioners along the routes of Fastrack, highlighting the many bus-only routes and bus priority measures. A presentation was also provided at Fastrack's office demonstrating the key achievements and the targets to be worked towards in the future.

Date of Next Meeting

The next plenary meeting would be held at 12:30pm in London on Thursday 15 November.

CfIT Secretariat
September 2007