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58th CfIT Plenary Meeting - 20 November 2008


1. Chair's Introduction

2. Speed limit Adherence and its Effect on Road Safety and Climate Change (ISA) - CfIT (08) 42


3. Land-use Planning and Transport (Stage 2) - CfIT (08) 43

4. Report Back on Climate Change Workshop - CfIT (08) 44


The following papers are for information only:

5. Notes of September Plenary - CfIT (08) 45

6. Note on the 2009-10 Work Programme - CfIT (08) 46

7. Work Programme Update - CfIT (08) 47

8. Media Report - CfIT (08) 48

9. Calendar of Events - CfIT (08) 49

10. CfIT Website - CfIT (08) 50

11. Expenditure - CfIT (08) 51



Peter Hendy (Chair)
Lynn Sloman (Vice-Chair), Clr Holland, Neil Betteridge, Neil Scales, Paul Godier, Philip Davis, Roger Jones,Clr Johnstone, Gerry Doherty, Garrett Emmerson, Corinne Swain, Richard Turner.

Christopher Macgowan (Motorists' Forum Vice-Chair).

Other attendees:
John Lewis (Motorists' Forum), Professor Oliver Carsten (University of Leeds), Dr Robin Hickman (Halcrow), Peter Headicar (Oxford Brookes University), Prof Phil Goodwin (University of West of England), Andrew Murray (Department for Transport).

CfIT secretariat:
Matt Coleman - Secretary, Neil Williams - Deputy Secretary, Grant Allan, Ian Griffiths, Luke Blair (Media Advisor), Lara Thornton (Media Advisor), David Prescott (Secretary - Motorists' Forum).

Apologies for absence:
Apologies were received from David Leeder (Vice Chair), Andrew Sentance, Michael Roberts, Harry Bush and Graham Dalton.

1. Chair's Introduction

New Commissioners
The Chair welcomed new Commissioners, Roger Jones and Cllr Johnstone, and welcomed returning Commissioners, Clr Holland and Neil Scales.

Transport 08 Conference
Neil Scales appraised Commissioners on the Conference outcomes and agreed to forward an event summary for circulation.

Action: Secretariat to circulate a paper to Commissioners.

Roger Jones - Manchester TIF Bid/Referendum
Roger Jones updated Commissioners on the forthcoming Manchester referendum.

Bristol City Council
The Chair congratulated Clr Holland on Bristol City Council's success in having been voted the UK's most sustainable city in the second Annual Sustainable Cities Index, published by Forum for the Future.

UK Transport Research Centre (UKTRC)
The Chair thanked Paul Godier for agreeing to be put forward as CfIT's nominee for representation on the UKTRC Advisory Council.

Meeting with Jonathon Porriitt - Sustainable Development Commission
The Chair appraised Commissioners on the useful meeting between himself, the Vice-Chairs and Jonathon Porritt. The Secretariat had requested a note of the meeting from Jonathon for circulation to Commissioners.

Action: Secretariat to circulate note to Commissioners on receipt.

Meeting with Sir Trevor Chinn - Pricing and Subsidy
The Chair updated Commissioners on his meeting with Sir Trevor Chinn and David Leeder covering progress on the Pricing and Subsidy project. The cover paper is intended to be circulated to Commissioners shortly for final comments and approval to publish.

Action: Secretariat to circulate cover paper to Commissioners seeking approval to publish.

Current and Forward Work Programmes
The Chair asked Commissioners to consider proposals for the forward work programme with a view to airing these in discussion at the January Plenary.

Climate Change Workshop
The Chair thanked Commissioners for their participation and input to the recent Climate Change Workshop (covered later in the agenda).

2. Speed Limit Adherence and its Effect on Road Safety and Climate Change

The Working Group Chair, John Lewis, provided Commissioners with an initial overview of the project. The report author, Professor Oliver Carsten (ITS, University of Leeds) then gave an informative presentation setting out the methodology used in the work and outlining the report's key findings. A discussion ensued on the content and emphasis of the cover paper, and on presentational issues. It was decided that the Chair would seek a collaborative meeting with the Secretary of State to discuss the study findings.

The Chair thanked John Lewis and the joint CfIT/Motorists' Forum Working Group members for their contribution in developing the advice.

Action: Secretariat to arrange a meeting between the Chair, Sir Trevor Chinn , John Lewis and the Secretary of State.

3. Land-Use Planning and Transport

The Working Group Chair, Corinne Swain, gave a short presentation to Commissioners setting the context for the study and outlining the key conclusions. Dr Robin Hickman (Halcrow) and Peter Headicar (Oxford Brookes University) then provided Commissioners with a broader overview of the study findings to date. Following discussion, Commissioners approved the Working Group's recommendation to proceed with Stage 3 of the project (development of guidance material for local practitioners).

In taking forward Stage 3, it was agreed to convene an early meeting between senior DfT and CLG officials, various CfIT members, other interested parties and the consultants to enable CfIT to decide what form of product or products it may wish to commission as a project Stage 3.

Action: Secretariat to arrange a meeting between the relevant parties to discuss the parameters of a project Stage 3.

4. Climate Change Workshop - Advice to DfT

Lynn Sloman set out the context for the workshop. The workshop facilitator, Prof Phil Goodwin, then outlined the headline messages emerging from the work. Prof Goodwin undertaking to incorporate a number of suggestions into the draft final version. It was agreed that dissemination of CfIT's advice would be via a cover letter to the Secretary of State. This should align, both contextually and in timing, with the publication of the recommendations of the Committee on Climate Change (expected on 1 December). Wider presentational issues would be discussed with DfT.

It was considered that climate change would be a recurring theme in CfIT's forward work programme.

On a related theme, Neil Scales offered to provide Merseytravel's 5-year environmental strategy.

Action: (1) Secretariat to discuss presentational issues with DfT. (2) Secretariat to circulate Merseytravel's 5-year environmental strategy to Commissioners on receipt.

Date of Next Meeting

CfIT's next plenary meeting would be held on Thursday 29 January 2009, at 9.30am in London.