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52nd CfIT Plenary Meeting - 15 November 2007


1. Chair's Introduction with Commissioners Photograph

2. NATA Refresh Update - CfIT (07) 46
Lynn Sloman to provide update on NATA Refresh

3. Planning Update - CfIT (07) 47
Lynn Sloman to provide update on Planning Project

4. Discussion with the Secretary of State


5. Local Road Safety Schemes - CfIT (07) 48
Professor Andrew Evans to present a paper on Road Safety Schemes

6. ISA Update - CfIT (07) 49
Chris Watts to provide update on ISA project

7. Cost Issues - CfIT (07) 50
David Leeder to lead a discussion on Phil Goodwin's Cover Paper

The following papers are for information only:

8. Minutes of the Last Meeting - CfIT (07) 51

9. Work Programme Update - CfIT (07) 52

10. Media Report - CfIT (07) 53

11. Calendar of Events - CfIT (07) 54

12. CfIT Website - CfIT (07) 55

13. Expenditure - CfIT (07) 56



Peter Hendy (Chair)
David Leeder (Vice-Chair), Lynn Sloman (Vice-Chair), Harry Bush, Ian Croucher, Gerry Doherty, Carolyn Dwyer, Garrett Emmerson, Paul Godier, Michael Roberts, Andrew Sentance, Corinne Swain, Richard Turner.

Sir Trevor Chinn (Motorists' Forum Chair).

Other attendees:
Ruth Kelly (Secretary of State for Transport), Becky Wood (DfT), Richard Thomas (DfT), Professor Andrew Evans.

CfIT secretariat:
Chris Watts, Neil Williams, Grant Allan, Brian Corbett, Luke Blair (Media Advisor), Lara Alden (Media Advisor).

Apologies for absence:
Apologies were received from Neil Betteridge, Philip Davis, Helen Holland, Archie Robertson and Neil Scales.

1. Chair's Introduction

Welcome to new members
The Chair welcomed Ian Coucher, who had succeeded John Armitt as the Network Rail ex-officio representative. Carolyn Dwyer was also welcomed to her first Plenary. Sir Trevor Chinn attended as Motorists' Forum representative, a role Sir Trevor would fulfil at future Plenaries.

Rosie Winterton
The Chair briefly summarised the discussion at the previous evening's seminar which Commissioners had attended with the Rt Hon Rosie Winterton MP. Rosie Winterton had constructively engaged with Commissioners, proposing a number of suggestions for future work and with regard to developing CfIT's relationship with DfT.

Vans Project
Richard Turner updated Commissioners on the "Vans" Project, which he was chairing. The inaugural Working Group had met in October and Richard had been encouraged by the depth of knowledge within the group. It was clear that the project was necessary, given that this was an area that had been under-researched in the past and that the market was growing significantly. A number of research gaps existed within the sector, which the group was keen to explore.

Transport Times Conference
The Chair had spoken at the Transport Times conference that morning. Garrett Emmerson had attended, and had found the speech by Theresa Villiers, Shadow Transport Secretary, interesting.

Action: Secretariat to circulate Theresa Villiers' presentation slides.

2. NATA Refresh Update

Lynn Sloman and Andrew Sentance had attended a meeting with officials from DfT regarding the New Approach to Appraisal (NATA) Refresh, which the Department was conducting. A number of research options were discussed, and it was agreed that Garrett Emmerson and Carolyn Dwyer would join Lynn Sloman and Andrew Sentance on the CfIT/DfT sub-group for future meetings.

Action: Secretariat to develop business case for research proposition.

Action: Secretariat to facilitate CfIT critique of DfT work on Refresh.

3. Planning Update

Lynn Sloman informed Commissioners that Corinne Swain had agreed to Chair the Planning Project. In defining the project scope, the aim would be to produce guidance material suitable for local practitioners that would enable better decision-making on settlement structure and design, linked to growth levels and transport demand.

Action: Secretariat to develop business case and engage with relevant academics.

4. Discussion with the Secretary of State for Transport

The Chair introduced the Secretary of State (SofS). The SofS had been impressed with CfIT's Climate Change Report, which was influencing Departmental policy consideration in this area, and which she said had personally informed her view of the issue.

The SofS then outlined DfT's recently published strategy document, 'Towards a Sustainable Transport System'. This had been welcomed by CfIT, and the Chair stated that CfIT would respond formally as part of DfT's consultation exercise in 2008.

A discussion followed regarding the potential of a national road user charging scheme. The SofS reiterated that the rationale for such a scheme must always be to relieve congestion, and that it was important to take account of motoring opinion, bringing the motorist along with policy development. During discussion, the SofS suggested a number of research ideas which she felt CfIT might wish to pursue, such as on the smarter travel choices agenda, land-use planning and transport, capital funding settlements and driving competence (covering driving tests and insurance). Most notably, the SofS invited CfIT to take forward a project to consider what the motorist should expect from road pricing and what the alternatives might be.

5. Local Road Safety Schemes

Professor Andrew Evans presented a paper on local road safety schemes. Many schemes were not attracting funding despite possessing high cost-benefit ratios. A discussion ensued about current road safety targets and measures which, if pursued, might lead to a reduction in the casualty rate. Costs associated with maintaining road safety schemes, as well as the 'diversion effects' of such schemes, were also discussed. It was agreed to convene a Working Group to determine the scope of the project.

Action: Secretariat to circulate details of the Motorists' Forum's 2003 study on Road Safety.

Action: Carolyn Dwyer, Garrett Emmerson, Richard Turner and Harry Bush to determine project scope and agree Working Group attendance.

6. ISA Update

Chris Watts updated Commissioners on progress on the Intelligent Speed Adaptation Project and invited participation on the Working Group.

Action: Secretariat to approach Commissioners with a view to a Commissioner joining the Working Group.

7. Cost Issues

David Leeder presented a re-worked think-piece from Professor Phil Goodwin which served as a CfIT cover paper for the Cost Issues Research Report. Commissioners agreed that the report should be published, subject to some minor amendments.

Action: Secretariat to amend and then publish cover paper and report.

Date of Next Meeting

The next Plenary meeting would be held at 9:30am in London on Thursday 31 January 2008.

CfIT Secretariat
December 2007