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25th CfIT Plenary Meeting - 15 May 2003



1: Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters Arising

2: CfIT Review


3: 11.00 Second Assessment Report

4: 12.00 External Costs of Aviation

The following items will be taken as read:

5: Year 5 Work Programme

6: Plenary Programme

7: Programme Expenditure

8: CfIT Website

1.00 - Lunch



Professor David Begg, Sir Trevor Chinn, Stewart Francis, Mike Hodgkinson, Helen Holland, Stephen Joseph, David Leeder, Lilli Matson, Tim Matthews, Sir Roy McNulty, Bill Morris, Mike Parker, Michael Roberts, Neil Scales, Baroness Ros Scott, Jane Wilmot.

Charles Rice (for item 2), Geoff Copley.

Andy Braithwaite, Steve Guyon, John Rider, Richard Mace, Grant Allan.

Apologies for absence:

Apologies were received from Richard Bowker and Lawrence Christensen.

1. Minutes of the Last Meeting and Matters Arising

1.1 The minutes of the 13 March meeting were agreed. In response to a number of requests from CfIT members, the minutes had been shortened and future minutes would be of a similar length. All actions from previous meeting had been addressed or were in progress. The Chair gave an update on the following points under matters arising:

a) Munich
The plenary visit to Munich had been postponed until November to allow discussion of the CfIT review.

b) Secretary of State's Invitation to the July Plenary
The Chair had invited the Secretary of State to attend CfIT's July plenary or its anniversary dinner. His office had yet to confirm whether he was able to attend.

c) Jack Jones
Jack Jones from the T&G Retired Members' Association, had accepted the Chair's invitation to attend the July plenary to discuss CfIT's recommendation on limiting OAP concessionary fares to the 50% statutory minimum and spreading concessions to other, socially excluded groups.

d) John Rider
John Rider was due to leave the CfIT Secretariat on promotion to the Government Office for the South East. The Chair thanked John for his hard work, particularly on the year 5 work programme.

e) Motorists' Forum Road Safety Advice
The Motorists' Forum continued to develop its advice on measures for improving road safety. The report would be considered at the MF's next meeting, before being submitted to CfIT for approval in July. The study would comprise a literature review of the contributory factors to road accidents, including speed, vehicle type and drink driving.

2. CfIT Review

2.1 The Chair welcomed Charles Rice who was leading the review. He stressed that the review would be carried out independently and objectively. Ministers wanted a free-ranging examination of CfIT's work. The intention was for the review to be forward looking.

2.2 Charles Rice would be assisted by a team of consultants from PA Consulting, who had previous experience in reviewing public bodies. The review was expected to last for three months with the report submitted to Ministers around the time of the recess in July. After deliberation, Ministers were expected to make a final decision on the outcome of the review in the autumn.

2.3 The methodology for the review would include interviews with over 40 key stakeholders in the transport industry, including other Government Departments. In addition, the review team would write to other key transport stakeholders for their views. The review would examine the outputs produced by CfIT and the Motorists' Forum. It would also consider the extent to which CfIT recommendations had influenced policy making or the public debate on policy issues. CfIT would be benchmarked with public sector bodies with a similar advisory remit.

2.4 The Chair explained that part of CfIT's remit was to stimulate and refresh the transport debate. This was done through interaction with the media on transport issues. Charles Rice said that currently the review team did not intend to interview journalists but accepted that it would be important to reflect CfIT's influence in the public arena.

3. Second Assessment Report

3.1 The Chair outlined that he wanted to use this session of the plenary to seek a consensus from members on the structure, tone and content of the report. It was agreed that the report should reflect the positive aspects of delivery as well as the areas where progress was less than expected. It was agreed that it should contribute positively to the 10 Year Plan review. Therefore, it would pose a series of questions to Government on its integrated transport strategy, to be addressed in reviewing the Plan. The questions would be set out under a series of headings based on strategic policy issues, 10YP outcomes and agencies and structures for delivery.

3.2 There was agreement that the review of the Plan provided the opportunity for Government to look again at the wider impacts of its transport policy and delivery of the objectives set out in the Integrated Transport White Paper (ITWP).

3.3 A revised draft of the CfIT report, comprising a new agreed structure, would be circulated to CfIT members by the end of May. A press briefing and publication of the final report was scheduled for late June.

Action: Secretariat to circulate revised draft to members by 30 May.

4. External Costs of Aviation

4.1 The plenary considered the progress report on CfIT's work on meeting external costs in the aviation industry and the draft consultant's report.

4.2 The following points were agreed by members:

5. Papers

5.1 The following papers were noted and approved:

6. Any Other Business

Stephen Joseph requested that the Secretariat circulate copies of the Transport 2000 report on the impact of small schemes on congestion to all members.

Action: Secretariat to circulate copies.

Date of Next Meeting

The next plenary meeting would be on 17 July in London at the Royal Academy of engineers. The anniversary dinner would take place on the previous evening (16 July) at County Hall.