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59th CfIT Plenary Meeting - Thursday 29 January 2009



Peter Hendy (Chair)
Lynn Sloman (Vice-Chair), David Leeder, Helen Holland, Neil Scales, Paul Godier, Roger Jones, Carolyn Dwyer, Andrew Sentance, Gerry Doherty, Garrett Emmerson, Corinne Swain, Richard Turner.

Other attendees:
Graham Read (Steer Davies Gleave), Sylvan Sitkey (Steer Davies Gleave).

CfIT secretariat:
Matt Coleman - Secretary, Neil Williams - Deputy Secretary, Grant Allan, Ian Griffiths, David Prescott (Secretary, Motorists' Forum), Luke Blair (Media Advisor), Lara Thornton (Media Advisor).

Apologies for absence:
Apologies were received from Christopher Macgowan, Shona Johnstone, Graham Dalton, Paul Plummer, Harry Bush, Philip Davis, Neil Betteridge and Michael Roberts.

1. Chair's Introduction

Meeting with Baroness Greengross
The Chair appraised Commissioners on his meeting with Baroness Greengross who was setting up a small policy forum to undertake 'blue sky' thinking on transport.

Meeting with Sustainable Development Commission (SDC)
The Chair informed Commissioners that Jonathon Porritt was shortly to stand down as SDC Chair. Lynn Sloman appraised commissioners of a meeting held with the SDC during which topics of mutual interest were discussed alongside possible collaboration on future projects. It was agreed that both organisations would keep in touch.

Action: It was agreed to write to the SDC requesting details of the SDC's governance arrangements (with a view to possible partnership working), and also to fix a meeting with the incoming SDC Chair.

Land-Use Planning and Transport
Corinne Swain updated Commissioners on the outcome of a recent Government workshop which had helped define the scope for Stage 3 of the project. The Stage 3 outcome would be the production and dissemination of guidance in both hard-copy and web-based formats. The work was expected to be completed and signed-off in May, with a formal presented to the July Plenary.

Manchester TIF
Roger Jones reflected on the lessons learned from the 'no' vote in Manchester. It would be interesting to learn whether any other bodies or organisations had undertaken analysis on the reasons for the outcome - i.e. interviews with participants/stakeholders. Commissioners would revisit the topic later in the agenda as part of discussion on the forward work programme.

2. Business Impacts of Road Pricing (Joint Project with CBI & FTA)

David Leeder summarised the report outcomes and conclusions. The report contained some good work but there had been difficulties in drawing out the key messages from it. The robustness of the modelling needed to be tested. It was proposed to discuss publication protocol and timing with the CBI and FTA.

Action: (1) Secretariat to explore with CBI and FTA possible further remedial work and timing of publication. (2) Secretariat to liaise with Helen Holland on testing the modelling.

3. Incentive per Passenger

David Leeder outlined the context for the research. Consultants, Graham Read and Sylvan Sitkey (Steer Davis Gleave), provided an overview of the technical advice and key recommendations. David then summarised the CfIT advice, inviting comments from Commissioners and seeking their approval to publish the report.

Action: It was agreed to sign-off and publish the report.

4. Review of Work Programme

The Chair invited comments from Commissioners on suggested projects for the forward work programme. A wide-ranging discussion ensued on a range of possible future which included:

These topics would be considered alongside new ideas by invited academics at the forthcoming Strategy Dinner, and then further defined into a manageable work programme proposal for CfIT's Governance Board meeting in March.

Action: The Secretariat would draft a paper incorporating the above for consideration at the March Plenary.

5. Pricing and Subsidy

David Leeder updated Commissioners on progress with the report and explained the context for re-drafting the advice and cover paper. Following discussion, it was agreed to highlight references to Eddington and other related reports in the cover paper. The report would then be signed-off and published.

Action: Secretariat to revise the cover paper; then sign-off and publish.

Date of Next Meeting

CfIT's next Plenary meeting would be held on Thursday 19th March at 9.30am at 55 Victoria Street, London.